No one can cut through the mental clutter like Lynne, at LKA Strategies.  Fast, direct and responsive - exactly what every busy professional needs.
Small business owner

"Expect acceptance." As a coach, Lynne Adrine helped focused me on a path that pointed me in a direction where I could go--instead of my focus on the obstacles in my path. Her experience as a leader and manager helped me realize the type of leader, manager, and person I want to be.
Network News Senior Producer

As coach and confidant, Lynne dares to speak the truth and this separates her from the field.  She stands strongly with me as an advisor and reminds me of my power, inner strength, and resolve when I cannot see them.  Because of Lynne’s deep commitment and boldness, I create new levels of success and a deeper appreciation for my passions and talents.  She is a trusted, powerful force in my life.
PR Executive, California

Lynne is that rare individual who is able to walk you through your anxieties and gets you thinking rationally and effectively about the big things in your life. She makes you think in new ways about your career without making you feel stupid. She's nurturing, but tough -- part mom, part drill sergeant, part guru.
Investigative journalist, Washington


I felt as though there was a person who saw from the outside what I was able to do and then made sure that I was aware of the skills I had. She takes the time to focus in on you as a person and gives you her undivided attention, even asking for your opinion of what she may have had to offer in that session. Although Lynne was my coach I have come to consider her a true friend.
Police Chaplain, California


Lynne is a natural born leader and mentor. These qualities are what set her apart. Many consultants, advisors, and fellow executives are highly trained, smart and strategic—skills that can transform a business, but not an individual.

Lynne makes successful people more successful by identifying the barriers we erect and cannot see ourselves. She brings a pragmatic, common sense and intuitive perspective that has changed my own and let me push past some pretty big challenges
Advertising and Market Executive, Maryland

Lynne succeeds, because Lynne is the best “listener” I’ve ever met.   She absorbs your thoughts, concerns, and questions – and applies her experience to help you find the right answers and direction.  She’s a leader.  More importantly, she’ll show you how to lead as well.
Working with Lynne led me from a great job to my perfect job.
Network Correspondent, Washington   

Lynne, with her objective viewpoint and experiential wisdom, was able to help me not only see ways in which to improve my day to day approach to effectively accomplishing my goals, but also helped me to begin compiling a long-range strategy that will enable me to continue to grow and mature as a member of my corporation on a long term path.
Assistant to the president, Educational not-for-profit, Virginia 

Lynne is in tune with not only her client but with the team she puts together to coach the client.  It's very important to collaborate on all levels, have vision, lead and deliver the maximum benefit for the client…working with Lynne, I think she best exemplifies these vital qualities.
Director of Photography


At a critical turning point in my creative life, Lynne Adrine helped me face the difficult questions I needed to about tackling a project that was outside of my usual comfort zone. After many years of putting off a project because it involved stretching the scope of my professional skills and exposing more of my personal life than I was typically comfortable doing, Lynne helped me to recognize that the only limitations to my expectations were those I placed upon myself. Her ability to assist me in getting beyond my own long-conceived notions of my capabilities and to begin to recognize the possibilities that exist by simply taking that next step I had always put off out of some discomfort or fear was the very reassurance I needed at the very time I needed it.
Nationally syndicated newspaper columnist


Lynne's patient guidance ushered me to the necessary depths of effective introspection, helping me to identify the right questions to ask myself. The net effect allowed me to execute the plans necessary to catapult me from waiting to doing.


Lynne thinks deeper than just about anyone I know. Conversations with her are complex, challenging, and affirming, and they gently push me both professionally and personally.



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