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Today's working professionals and organizations wrestle with core questions: how to move up, how to move forward, how to move beyond the barriers and challenges which stand in the way of more authentic, more dynamic performance.
LKA-Strategies offers an alliance with clients, working together towards greater balance, elevated performance and expanded opportunities. This partnership can lead clients to identify and develop the resources they already possess to break through to authentic and fulfilling levels of success.

“No one can cut through the mental clutter like Lynne, at LKA Strategies. Fast, direct and responsive - exactly what every busy professional needs."
small business owner
“I felt as though there was a person who saw from the outside what I was able to do and then made sure that I was aware of the skills I had.”
police chaplain
“Lynne thinks deeper than just about anyone I know. Conversations with her are complex, challenging, and affirming, and they gently push me both professionally and personally.”

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